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In this book, follow Nancy Salmeron, author of Believe. Change. Become., on her personal journey from harvesting crops in 105-degree heat to fulfilling her mother’s dream of working in an air-conditioned room to finding and living her own dream as a life coach, author, and inspirational speaker.

Believe. Change. Become. will inspire you to seek deeper purpose and meaning in your life, while offering practical tips and observations from the author’s own experience.

— Learn how to remember your purpose— the why of your existence.
— Identify your passion—what makes you come alive.
— Gain courage to take a leap of faith to pursue what you were born to do.
— Transform your doubts and fears into belief in your destiny.
— Learn how to silence your inner critic and connect with your loving spirit voice.
— Discover that a life of bliss and satisfaction is possible for you.
— Gain confidence that your desires and talents are gifts for you to share with the world.
— Learn to embrace change so that you can become who you were destined to be.
— Create your own definition of success and happiness.
— Let go of fear and begin living the life you were meant to live