How to Stop Existing and Start Living

To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people just exist.

—Oscar Wilde

I celebrated my forty-second birthday this weekend. As I reflect on my life thus far, I feel excited, peaceful, and grateful. I feel excited because I know that I have an amazing future waiting for me. I feel peaceful because I have learned to trust and surrender my life to something greater than myself. I am grateful because I have a beautiful family and friends who love and support me unconditionally and because I am the creator of my life. Yet there are times I feel guilty. I feel guilty because I get to live this life, but many people don’t. I feel guilty because I see the struggle many individuals go through everyday just to exist. As a personal development coach, I always share the secrets for a more joyous life, but I have learned to keep some of my thoughts to myself. I have learned from past experiences that not everyone is ready to believe that their lives have meaning and that their mission in life is to seek that meaning. I have also learned that the teacher will appear when the student is ready to listen. We all have a personal journey to go through; we all have our own meaning of success. For some, success is to follow societal norms—go to college, earn a degree, get married, have kids, and buy a home. For others, success is to seek within to discover why they are here. These individuals who go against worldly expectations may be considered the radicals of our society. There is no right or wrong way to live your life; there is only your way. But I believe that what dictates success is loving the life you live. Here are three tips to loving the life you live, regardless of where you are in your journey to becoming.

Recognize your blessings. 
I believe if you want to be successful in your life you must wake up every morning counting your blessings. The fact of being alive is the first blessing you must recognize. Then zero in on the abundance in your life. I am blessed because I am healthy, I wake up every morning to my beautiful family, and I get to do what I love. Many individuals don’t get to experience this, but it’s my mission to empower you to believe that you, too, can wake up loving what you do. Until you do, look around you and count your blessings. Remember, some of the blessings you have at this present moment are dreams for many others.

Find peace within.
At forty-two, I have learned to trust that where I am in this moment is where I need to be. Timing is divine. I now understand that some of my desires, which I have not received yet, have taught me patience and perseverance. As you seek within and find peace, you will realize that what is happening outside of you is not important, but what is happening inside of you is what matters. Stay calm. Everything you are holding in your heart will manifest itself at the right moment. Trust that you are being taken care of, and trust that in the end all will be well.

Be excited about your future.
Are you looking forward to your future with anticipation? Be excited about your future—without forgetting to stay present of course! I am very excited about my future. I know I have lessons to learn, but I am ready. I am ready to grow and reconnect with my true self. I am excited about my future because I am the creator of it. To be the creator of your life you must be willing to take responsibility for your failures, as well as for your successes. When you are excited about your future, you will only manifest a beautiful future. Your future should drive you, but never scare you.

As I look forward to the next forty years of my life, I want to continue to live boldly and with passion. I want to recognize my fears, but I also want to conquer my fears. I want to continue to inspire you to believe that everything is possible for you. I want to remind you that your life has a purpose. As I do that, I am reminded of my purpose. Thank you. Never settle for a life that does not inspire you. May your next forty years be filled with passion, purpose, and joy . Until next Monday, Believe. Change. Become.