How to Stop Doing and Start Being

The ego wants you to believe you missed opportunities. The spirit knows that each present moment is a new opportunity.

—Dean Jackson

In the United States it is believed that to be successful you must be on the go all the time. Success is determined by the way you hustle every day. “There are not enough hours in the day to finish everything I must do,” is a common expression. We pride ourselves because we have full agendas. It makes us feel important. In the past, if my calendar was not full, I felt that I was not working hard enough. I did not look forward to the holidays because I slowed down, and then I developed a sense of guilt. I felt guilty because I was not on the go. I was not in motion when it came to my business. I would see my kids’ and husband’s life moving at a fast pace while mine slowed down, and eventually stopped, during the holidays. I felt restless. “You should be doing more! You are wasting time!” my ego voice would tell me. Then the voice of my spirit appeared and said, “It’s time to stop doing, and start being.” And that is what I have put into practice today. Just because you are not in motion does not mean you are failing. You are not failing; you are growing. You are not missing opportunities if you stop moving. You are reconnecting with your essence—with your source—so that you may be better prepared when those opportunities happen. We live in a culture that celebrates and encourages the everyday hustle. This view makes us feel uncomfortable when we slow down and become quiet. We need to realize that it’s okay to not be busy all the time. We should be grateful when things slow down for us, not guilty. The following ideas are how I got over the need to be constantly in motion and to appreciate the act of being.

Be proud of the moments that make you restless.
The moments that make you restless are the moments that remind you of your soul. Silence the outside world so that you can hear the soul’s message. This time is precious because it makes you grow. It puts things into perspective. The sad truth is that many people who hustle their way to success never get to connect with their inner selves. They are so worried about missing an opportunity that they ignore the voice of their soul. When these restless moments appear, embrace them, and take time to get to know the real you.

Success without the hustle exists.
If you can dream it and believe it, it’s yours. Work toward your dreams, but devote time to living your life. Take it easy. Relax. Everything that is supposed to be yours will be. Some people who hustle all the time believe that you should put fifteen hours or more daily into your passion or else you won’t succeed. I believe that you need to work hard toward your goals and dreams, but you also need to take a break from the hustle and busyness. You need to allow space for your goals to flow. Be determined to invest time everyday to your passions, but also learn to surrender it all and relax.

Listen to your intuition.
When you are on the go all the time, you ignore your inner voice—your intuition. As I learn to meditate more often and listen to my intuition, my spirit voice whispers to me and tells me what I need to do next. This voice, which I have learned to focus on, guides me to my next move. Listen to your intuition. Your intuition will always show you the fastest path to peace and prosperity. The inner voice already knows the way. Be in alignment with your dreams by connecting to the voice of the spirit. Let go of the hustle and settle into the present moment so that you can hear this voice.

To stop doing and start being, you must be willing to relinquish your need to control outcomes, and trust that you are fully supported. I know it’s hard to do. Yet, I want to remind you that you don’t have to struggle so hard to make your dreams come true. Do your part everyday to move in the direction of your dreams, but enjoy where you are now. Trust your intuition, time, and the universe. Know with certainty that they have your back. Until next time, Believe. Change. Become. See you next week!

Sending many blessings and love your way!